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Meet Torin Anderson

Spirit of the Stairs guitar player Torin Anderson is a Wichita-based independent artist and musician.

Wade Hampton

As an Artist I’m glad the days are back when you can pick up an album for a band you know nothing about and just based on the killer cover art you think, “Okay, I gotta hear this.”

Meet Jedd Beaudoin

Jedd Beaudoin is an award-winning writer and broadcaster who has been with KMUW since 2007.

Gatefold, Double or Standard Albums all Fit

Our frames will display all your albums, as long as they are 12.25 inches tall.

A Father and Daughter Share their Love of Music

With polar opposite lifestyles and differing opinions, this father and daughter connect over their love for music.

Live your Music. Loud.

If you’ve got love for vinyl, you’ve come to the right place. The Vinyl Vision allows you to display your record albums without complicated framing or losing the musical enjoyment. Our hands-on approach to album display lets you show off your album-cover-love while keeping the record itself, easily accessible. They are versatile and can display Gatefolds, Doubles or Standard albums with ease. With Vinyl Visions, place the hanger once, and switch out your albums as often as you desire.

Unbeatable Price

Different packs make it easy to find the right buy. Get 6 for $30, 12 for $55 or for the serious collector 18 for $80.


With Vinyl Vision’s patented frame design, you can display your albums open or closed, gatefolds and doubles. Enjoy the art of your album as it was intended.


Don’t sacrifice display for playablity. Our frames allow you to switch from display to play in seconds.