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How not to get burned buying Used Vinyl Online

Ever buy a used record online, full of anticipation and joy waiting for it to arrive...only to have it not play or skip because of scratches you couldn't see in the photos? Well we've got a insider tip on how to use Photoshop to see what the eye can't.

Click here to read the article and get the full how to.

Off the Bone Recordings or "What would you do for Vinyl?"

It was a tough time in Soviet Russia, during...well pretty much anytime. But during the Cold War, vinyl was a state controlled material and the underground had to print it's vinyl. So what would you do... Definitely break into hospitals and other shady actions to get X-rays. That's right, X-rays where printed on a film that could be pressed and cut to make bootleg vinyl records. Read the whole story here.

Super expensive record players, for the true fan.

If you've got $150,000 to drop on a record player, this list is for you. It also has some cheapo options for the average joe, just $2,500.

Who is buying Vinyl will surprise you!

We've all got our own ideas of what makes vinyl just so awesome. There are a lot of things to love about it after all and they cross generations. The number one buyer of the beautiful and stately vinyl record is *drumroll* actually men under 25 years old!

You can find more info and all the stats here.

Vintage style Record players, What's not to love?

We're in love with this 1960s style Crosley Spinnerette portable record player from It's got a great vib adn a great color plus now you can't be stopped from taking your records everywhere. There's no need to resort to mp3s on the road.

Nature and Music, they go together right?

Ever wondered what a tree would sound like if it had a voice? Well you can see what it's rings have to say, finally. Like who didn't need this in their life?

What's Your Top Record of 2014?

With the year recently wrapped up and 2015 thoroughly underway, it doesn't hurt to look back. We've had some great new music coming out on vinyl and re-releases of classics. It's a hard time to pick a favorite but give it a shot in the comments below.

Check out

Vinyl is definitely not Dead

If there's any doubt, or cynical know-it-alls, in your circle of friends that say vinyl's dead, you can tell them to shut it. Vinyl is doing better than ever with increasing sales and new pressing plants opening.

Artistry and Vinyl

We all love the classic slick black of vinyl but one artist teamed up with The Flaming Lips to release a limited edition of "A Day in the Life". With custom vinyl records, every single one uniquely colored and patterned. Check out these works of art and see about the process.

Top 10 U.S. Elctronic Music Stores

The top 10 best vinyl record store hopefully will continue to sell vinyl for a long time. Tell us on facebook what record store you love best.

Custom Cut Batman Record Available for Order!

Nerds, take a seat. There are batman records now. Just for the animated series so far but we can hope! Check out that custom cut vinyl and slick album cover. I hope we get more records like this! Batman: The Animated Series Soundtrack

Magic being Made

We've always recognized the magic that is a vinyl record. The grooves, the mountains and valleys, they all spark something that can't be captured by the digital world of music. They are real. They bridge the gap between the ephemeral and the physical. And now we can see it happening.

Someone's Imagination is out of Control.

We've all been there. Staring at the cover of our favorite album, or our favorite album to hate, and wondered what was happening. Sometimes in the actual art, and sometimes around it. What greater context was there that could elevate our appreciation and experience for the music to a higher level?

Well, someone has taken it upon themselves to show us.

You've been warned.

Must Watch Movie Coming Jan 2015

Many of us have been fascinated with the way music defines us and helps us explore our individuality in interesting ways. And let's us instantly form judgement about other people. You like Justin Bebier, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, we can't be friends anymore. Or maybe you're a Jefferson Starship, hey, we can hang.

Thankfully, the movie industry has taken notice of our love of snooping on people's music collection and is giving us all a peek into the recold collection of dozens of alternative music icons. Find out which ones and the exact release date for your iphone calendars

We're Up All Night to Get Vinyl

Daft Punk is going to release a live Vinyl Box set that will have two 180g white LPS, a photobook and live performance footage. You can preorder on amazon.

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