The sleek and simple design of our frame puts it above the rest. With easy access to your album, never sacrifice aesthetics for playability. The Vinyl Vision is incredibly easy to hang and re-position.


To display your awesome albums, simply:
1. Measure from where the ceiling meets the wall to the top of the frame for each column. Position the hanger in the desired location on the wall with “Top” up and “Bottom” down.
2. Drive a small nail into the top, circular hole (nail hole 1)
3. Make sure that the bottom is level and parallel to the floor. Leave room for the album to be unfolded in case of gatefold or double albums, 12.5 inches is recommended for grid layouts.
4. Drive a small nail into the bottom hole (nail hole 2)
5. Slide the album of your choosing between the guides

That’s it. Your album is on display, ready to be enjoyed by all. Continue hanging the other Vinyl Visions hangers in positions of your choosing to create an album arrangement befitting of you and your music. You can do vertical, horizontal or a custom spacing one.

You can display your albums, gatefolds or doubles open too! Just align your album frames, one for each panel and slide your album in.

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