Torin Anderson

Torin Andersen is a Wichita-based independent artist and musician.

I like courage and unique approaches to building sound structures.  New scaffolds from which to build melody and arrange tension allow for interpreters to develop new dance, new paintings, new poems and even new ways of loving one another.  An artist wiling to take a risk for the sake of innovating art is often unsung but I would herald those pioneers as heroes.

Vinyl is looked at as a static media.  I appreciate the idea of going to the same table, placing the wax down on the same turntable you’ve used in the same spot for years.  With vinyl, one approaches music listening as an act of meditation with deep focus, as the all too familiar visual of their record players surroundings fade away – you can’t and shouldn’t try to achieve that experience while driving around with your MP3 player in the car.

Find out more about him here!

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